Why Hooked on  Horses

There are many  people in todays society who light up and smile when you mention you own a horses or that stop by fence lines to gaze at these strong, magestic beasts while  they graze in the field. Looking  at them as they where an untouchable mystical creatures, longing for a chance to touch or be near a horse. 

Why do horses evoke this type of reaction? Horses have been closely connected to humans for centuries, they  plowed our  field, took the  family  to church, delivered our mail and milk, carried knights into battle and soldiers to war, sole companions to hunters, cowboys and native indians, they where also seen as a sign of wealth. The horse and the human connection was lost with industrial revolution. We are trying to re establish this  lost bond of horse and man.


We are inviting you into a sacred world of the  equine . Allowing  humans to  reconnect and  rebond  to  what  has  been lost . The  horse human connection  the “ Centran Effect” allowing you to  build a relationship, friendship and the  respect of  these  marvelous  creatures . Inviting   you to become close, touch,  bond and learn the  mysteries of the equine. We are offering programs to introduce you and educate you with horses under the guidance of an experienced horse people. There is no need to purchase riding equipment or commite to  riding  lesson as there is no horseback riding involved.

We  work  in  conjunctions with  Equine Resource Agency a Not  For Profit agency that focuses on aiding/rehabilitating unwanted, abandoned, slaughterbond, or abused equine . Most  of the  horses  you  will  work  with in our  programs have suffered at  some point  at the  hands  of  human. Some  are  former race horse  champions,  some  have  been abonded  in fields,  some no longer volenteerly trust people due to  abuse  and  neglect. We  will  introduce  you  to  the embassadors in our programs and  tell you their stories.These embassadors will assist in building  trust, gaining leadership skill,  educating us about ourselves and them ,  and  most  of  all  reconnecting humans with horses.

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