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We  are  located in Markham:

Address :          7939 Reesor Rd 

                                              Markham, Ont L4N 0C1

 Phone:            905 294 0379

                                           Email:  info@hookedonhorses.ca

About Us:

This is  a  program  that is offered  by Insight Equine Resource and Rehabilitation Center Inc a registered  not for profit . We provide care and retraining to unwanted neglected equine. With  the help of our  recovered equine  friend we offer “The Hooked on  Horses Program “ to  aid in education to bring about a change in the  current  horse industry, there is alot more to  riding and  owning  a horse then just  sitting on a horses back and  going  around in  a circle. We are trying to   bring  around  a new generation to horsemanship . Our  course  goes  beyond the  1 hour  lesson in  a ring,  we  provide the  basics of  horse  ownership  and  foundation knowledge of  handling horses and  care. 

All of our instructor  are  true  to  life  horseman, As individuals  who have  been riding  training and  working  with  horses  no less the 30 years each . We know the fads and the trends  and  the  ups and downs  of the industry . We have come together to bring our knowledge and  understanding of  horses with our  students . We want to share our  experience  and  passions  of  horses  with others we  are  not  just  a regular  riding  school  we  want  to educate our students  in the  art of  the  horse  and horsemanship. 

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