Leadership through Horsemanship

Why leadership Through Horsemanship?

Horses communicate non-verbally through senses and body language. They survive in a herd and respect the order of hierarchy. Through our horsemanship program the students develop leadership skills through non verbal communication. A horse  will continually seek out drive, motive, intelligence,integrity and self confidence in order to  find  and  follow their leader. These are also valued leadership skills within our human hierarchy. Our students not only embody these skills through horsemanship, but they are instilled into their current and everyday lives.

As we take look  back into World History you  will  be  able to  note that  all major  hero and leaders  where also horseman. Most rode horses  triumphantly  to  battle.There was a time when all men destined for roles as leaders shared one skill: They were educated in the art of horsemanship. If not at the hands of wise elders and private Masters, then from the great academies of Europe such as Saumur, the Spanish Riding School, etc. these students of horsemanship were carved into Leaders. They trained at the hand of  the  best  Horse Masters, both horse and human, and were instilled with the virtues that can only be engrained through the grace of the horse. When the virtues of courage and ethics are engrained , they cannot be removed, challenged yes, but not removed. Successful leaders of the past schooled in classical horsemanship possessed the more admirable virtues of humanity: Empathy, Tolerance, Patience, Courage, Ethics, Humility, Fortitude, Perseverance, and a seemingly natural ability to hold a ‘through-line’ while in the midst of chaos.

Today, many people opt to go to ‘Leadership Schools’. Granted, some skills can be acquired in this way, intellectually perhaps. True leaders however must possess leadership skills that reside in the muscle memory, the cellular memory, and  be  engrained  within .Skills and attributes that will not falter no matter the circumstance, no matter the obstacle, no matter the threat.

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