HOH 1-2-3 Courses

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Our horse courses are designed for everyone, from people who only dream of  touching a horse to the most experienced equestrian. 

We will touch on things that generally are not covered in a riding lessons  and will introduce you to world of horses beyond riding.

You will have the privilage of working with former athletes from " The Sport Of Kings" Thoroughbred racing as well as  other  breeds. You will be given an amazing opportunity to share your experience with these champions with the support of  Longrun Thoroughbred Retirement Society . As appreciation for this  honor a portion of the proceeds of your enrollment will go back to Longrun to further support the transition of these majestic creatures into retirement from racing. 


There are several  Courses offerings available:

Intro courses: Available to help introduce horses into your life or to educate you and your family in horse basic, this is a hands on in interaction with a horse. 

Buyer Be Aware: A crash course for 1st time horse owners. What you  should know  before  your horse comes home. Bandaging,  maintanence, required vet care, what to look for in a stable etc.

So You Want to Own a thoroughbred:  An introduction to  what is  required  to own, maintain and  operate a thoroughbred and/or  an off track thoroughbred. Touching  on care of  previous injuries, maintence, feeding and  riding  and  retraining. 

For Advanced Riders: We will  be offering  advanced workshop with specialist in the horse industry from farriers,  chiropractors, accupuncturists, nutrician  specialists, this  is not  just "thats  the  way it is done" advise, these are  high trained specialist providing new innovation and current information in their  field for the care and treatment for your equine partner.

Specialty Group Education Program:  These program are designed to achieve specified goals such  as leadership skill ,self confidence  etc and are offered to  Provincial community groups such as Native Child, Fire Council and organization. ( For more information on this Program please enquire directly by email)

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