Riding Lessons

We  offer  a  variety  of  riding  programs offering  both  english and  western  displines. We  teach  lesson  from  the  ground  up  providing  individuals  with with  a  solid  education of  horses,  horsemanship and  riding   not  just  the  aspect  of sitting  on  a  horse  and  going  around in a cirlce as most riding  schools  traditionally  do . We instill a  solid  foundation  of  horse  care, handling, maintenience and riding skills that  will  allow our student to be accomplished horse owners  and/or equestrians. We  will  be  happy   to  provide a consultation  to  find  the  best  learning  options  available for  you or  you child . we  offer  w  wide  variety  of  ponys  and  horses  in this  program.

We Offer:

Western: Pleasure,Roping, Reining ,  gaming and cow working

English: Pleasure, Flat,hunting, Jumping , Basic dressage

These programs  are  open to  all  ages :

Children  under the  age  of 8  need to  be  accompanied  by an Adult 

We  do  adjust  program length  to  suit  the  focus  times ,  programs may be  shorter for  younger  children.

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