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LEADERSHIP Through Horsemanship:

This program runs for  8 weeks on a Tuesday  Evenings  starting  October  20th, 2015 , and  is  open  to  the  general  public.  A program  that  will   welcome you  into  the  world of horses. The  program will  provide you  with  basic knowledge to working  around , handling and  caring for  horses.

This is  a  chance  for you or  your children  to experience  being  with  and learning about  horses. This program is a  non riding  program. There is a  ration of  one instructor to every four children.

Please enquire by email for times and  availability

Horseback Riding Lessons

Horseback  riding  is  offered  in both  an english  or  a  western  disciplene. An assessment  of the  students/parents wants and  needs  to  find  the  best  suited  path for that individual. We  offer  a  varity of  developmental programs  from English pleasure , hacking, jumping/hunting and dressage to Western gaming roping and pleasure . We  teach  individuals  how to  ride  a horse to join  up  and  become a functioning unit not just  how to  sit  on their  back and  go  around  in  a  circle. 

Our  horses await  for  directions from  the  rider  not just work  from  the  voice  commands  of the  instructor.So you are  not  just  sitting  on  the  back  of  the  horse  you  must  provide  it  solid  directions  that  they  understand.   

Private Lesson:                                                                                                                         Are  offered on a  one  to  one  basis . Private  lessonsl  allow  the  rider  individual  attention to focus directly on the goals and needs  of  the individual student . Allow  the  student  to  progress at their own  pace not the  pace  of  the  class. We  offer  individual  attention that  is  needed  for  rapid progression. 

Private  Lessons  $75.00 per hour  Or  1  month package  for  $250 .00 

Semi Private  lessons:                                                                                                        Are  small group  based  lessons  that  will  allow  the student for  advancement along  with the rest of the  group members. The  offer a ratio of  1 instructor  to  4  student  to  allow  time  for individual instruction in  a  group  atmosphere .

Semi- Private  Lessons   $65.00 per   hour  A  1  month  package  is $200.00         

 We  offer  varied  time  slot  for 

 Semi private and Private lessons 

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